Sunday, May 24, 2009

cake in a cup

Hubby came home with an idea for dessert. He had gotten one of those email forwards which described how to make cake in a mug. Lou did not take a nap today, so he went to bed super early, like 5:45 early! Hubby, Bee and I were free to make some after dinner cake, in a mug, in the microwave.

5 minute cake in a mug

4 T flour
4 T sugar
3 T oil
3 T milk
3 T chocolate chips (optional)
Cocoa powder
1 t vanilla
Mix dry ingredients in mug. Add wet ingredients. 3 minutes in microwave.

Hubby stares down the cake as it overflows from the mug.

I insisted we put it on a plate in the microwave, I was not confident that it wouldn't overflow.

I dumped it out so it could cool better.

Not the prettiest, but it was decent. We ate it without complaining! I make a really good chocolate cake, but it doesn't get made in a mug and takes way more than five minutes. Poor Lou didn't get any cake, and doesn't even know we had this fun time baking.


Fernando said...

otimo o seu blog eu tenho um blog de noticias o endereço é

Mama King said...

How funny and fun! I am going to have to try that. My hubby will love this!

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