Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What is that?

yep, I let my kids play video games this afternoon, and got a super good laugh out of it. I am not a fan of video games per se (is that how you spell that?) and we don't have a video game system, but we do have this joy stick (is that how you spell that?) that has old Atari games in it. I got it one year for Christmas and it spends most of the time closed up in a cabinet. The kiddos and I were playing board games this afternoon and Bee wanted the 'adult' game cabinet (it's not as scandalous as it sounds, I just don't want anybody to eat my pieces for master detective clue and Lou is pretty sure the stones that go with my mancala game are candy- plus that is where I store the past 6 years worth of family fun magazines). I don't know who spotted it, but they were pretty sure that this game controller could and should plug in somewhere. They seemed confused by the graphics, and frankly they made me laugh too. There was one game with a little duck trying to cross the road and not get hit my a car, it took all three of us to figure out what the yellow thing was. It was the favorite game since if you were hit by the car you just bounced back and could keep going. Do you have a favorite video game? ...bonus points if you can name the game on screen in the first picture, it was my favorite when we had an Atari.


Mama King said...

Funny! My sister's kids left their Wii at our house. She said to keep until we saw them next time -- so my husband hooked it up and was playing the boxing game. Well after several questions and nagging from my 3 year old he relented. Later I walk in to find my 3 year old and hubby boxing! Well after that all I heard for a while was "Knock out!" and "can I Box?" I packed up the Wii and drove it to my sisters house. Haha!
I loved playing centipede at the arcade when I was younger.

Lauranie said...

I think the game you are playing is Pitfall? Am I right? Oh Atari, the simple life. One stick, one button... Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog! I had such a nice time with the giveaway! Hectic, but nice. I'll be visiting!

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