Monday, May 4, 2009

colorful garland

I saw the idea to make garland using little snippets of torn magazine over at red bird crafts, and that's what the kids and I were up to this weekend. Bee wanted to make hearts, so we cut out heart shapes out of cardboard items from the recycling box. Then we tore out colorful pieces from a few magazines and sorted them in a muffin pan according to color. Bee glued all the pieces on the shapes and then we trimmed them up a bit. We hole punched them and strung them on a ribbon.

Bee chose a nice spot in the kitchen under the window that leads to the entryway to display our work. Lou is having fun pointing and naming the color.... most of them are "green." Guess this is a skill we need a little work on!

I am going to use this idea for a few things at preschool coming up, the kids aren't old enough to really color something in well, and I am always looking for creative ways for them to add color to different projects. Plus, how great for their little hands to tear up paper and glue it back down.


Emily said...

I'm so glad you and the two little ones had fun with this project. Your hearts are so vibrant and lovely. Thanks for sharing! E

Emily said...

Hi Beth,

I just created a new red bird crafts project flickr page: . I'd love for you to post the pictures of your collage circle garland there. :) e

Emily said...

woops. I meant to write "heart garland."

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